What can I expect from a Spider Vein Center near me in California?

If you are searching to find a top spider vein center near me in California, then you have probably noticed some of the signs and symptoms of vein disease, including spider veins and varicose veins, a heavy feeling in the legs, cramping and worsening leg fatigue.

The purpose of a spider vein clinic, such as Vein Treatment Clinic in San Diego, is to diagnose and treat your underlying vein diseases, freeing you from your bothersome symptoms. When attending your chosen spider vein clinic, you can expect to have a physical exam, followed by diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Your vein doctor will then work with you to formulate a tailored treatment plan suited to your individual needs.

At your initial consultation, your vein doctor will take a complete medical history from you and ask for details about the symptoms that you are experiencing. Your vein specialist will then go on to perform a thorough physical examination, looking for signs of unhealthy veins. Duplex ultrasound, a combination of conventional and Doppler ultrasound will be used by your vein physician to obtain images of the veins within your legs. This imaging technique enables your spider vein dr to assess the speed and direction of blood flow as it moves through your veins, as well as any areas where the blood flow may be restricted. The procedure should take less than 30 minutes and these images will be used by your vein specialist to diagnose your underlying vein problem. Based on your diagnosis, your spider vein doctor will then develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.

If you are seeking treatment for your spider veins and varicose veins, then you may be wondering “what can I expect from a spider vein center near me in California?” In this article, we discuss the treatment that will be available to you at a top spider vein clinic in California.

How can I find a top Spider Vein Center Near Me in California?

It can be difficult to choose a spider vein treatment center near me in California as there are so many options available. Here are some guidelines for choosing a reputable vein treatment center with the best vein specialists:

  • Make sure the vein doctors at your chosen spider vein clinic have strong credentials. Find out as much information as you can about their training and past experience.  Choose vein physicians who are board certified, with a proven track record treating venous disorders.
  • Find out more about the varicose vein treatment options that are available at the vein center. The best vein centers will offer minimally invasive procedures, such as sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation and VenaSeal. These procedures require no or minimal recovery time and are safer and more effective than surgical treatments.
  • The best spider vein clinics will have access to the latest state-of-the art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease.
  • Patient and friendly staff play an essential role in a good spider vein treatment clinic. You must feel able to ask any questions that arise and be confident in the information that is conveyed to you.
  • The online presence of a spider vein clinic can give you a good insight into their standards of care. A good vein center will have an up-to-date and transparent website, where you will be able to find lots of information about the clinic and their staff.
  • Check out testimonials from previous patients as these can give you a strong insight into the care and aftercare that you can expect. Remember to use trusted review sites to obtain unbiased opinions.

How are veins removed using minimally invasive treatments?

Minimally invasive procedures work to close down dysfunctional veins so that blood flow is rerouted through healthy veins. This helps to relieve the symptoms of vein disease and prevent complications.

There are various types of minimally invasive treatments available and your vein doctor will decide which is best suited to your needs, developing a tailored treatment plan just for you. Minimally invasive treatment options for spider veins and varicose veins include:

  • Sclerotherapy

If you have spider veins but no underlying venous insufficiency, then sclerotherapy is the best treatment choice. Sclerotherapy allows the removal of spider veins on a purely cosmetic basis, but as a cosmetic treatment, this will not be covered by insurance.

During sclerotherapy, a sclerosant solution will be injected into your diseased vein. This fuses the vein wall together and shuts down the vein. The collapsed vein will gradually be absorbed by the body.

  • Varithena

Varithena can be used in the treatment of uncomplicated spider veins and varicose veins. It uses a specialized, injectable sclerotherapy foam which works in a similar way to traditional sclerosant solutions, irritating the lining of the diseased vein and causing it to collapse.

  • Radiofrequency ablation

During radiofrequency ablation, your spider vein specialist will direct a catheter into your dysfunctional vein, guided by ultrasound. He or she will then administer a numbing solution into the diseased vein and activate the catheter, delivering radiofrequency energy to heat up the wall of the saphenous vein, causing it to collapse.

  • VenaSeal

VenaSeal, recently approved by the FDA, uses medical adhesive to close up diseased veins. Injecting the medical adhesive into the vein causes the vein walls to fuse together. The collapsed vein will eventually harden and become reabsorbed into the localised tissue.

You may also have heard of minimally invasive laser vein treatment. Endovenous laser treatment is not typically recommended for the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins as it causes significantly more discomfort than both VenaSeal and radiofrequency ablation.

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